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Black Mountain Media is a content creation company based out of Louisville, KY. Black Mountain Media exists to help others tell their stories through the medium of podcasting, providing storytellers with comprehensive podcasting resources, creative vision and sound design that help bring their stories to life.

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Culpable explores unsettled cases where the people who seem deserving of blame have somehow eluded justice. Whether it is the result of inept investigative work, flaws in the judicial system, or flat out corruption, the truth is that a failure to hold the guilty accountable for a crime they’ve committed can be as tragic as the crime itself. Culpable will investigate and shine a light on such cases with the hope of uncovering the truth, finding justice, and bringing closure to victims’ families.


Black Mountain Media

Dennis Cooper

Dennis is a co-founder of Black Mountain Media and the host and co-writer for Culpable. Dennis recently discovered a love for writing and storytelling and desires to partner with others to help share their stories in a compelling way through the medium of podcasting. After learning about the mysterious death of Christian Andreacchio in Meridian, Mississippi, he decided to team up with the Andreacchio family to help share Christian’s story with a wider audience.

Black Mountain Media

Mark Minnery

Mark is a co-founder of Black Mountain Media and co-writer for Culpable. When Mark heard about Christian’s case, he knew this was the perfect story for Black Mountain and has helped aid in its success by helping write and produce the show. Mark is also CEO of Singlepoint Solutions and on the board of Resonate Recordings, a leading podcast production company.

Jacob Bozarth

Jacob is a co-founder of Black Mountain Media and CEO & President of Resonate Recordings, a Louisville-based podcast production company. Before Black Mountain even started, Jacob knew that his team at Resonate would be a great asset to the production of Culpable and other future shows. Jacob has helped oversee the production process for Culpable and maintain the show’s production quality